Terms of Use

These Terms of Use apply to any use of the Platform, of any nature, including the registration of a Return Shipment, unless the applicability is fully or partially explicitly excluded in writing or explicitly agreed otherwise.

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Version: March 11th 2024

The transport of the Return Shipment by the Carrier is subject to the general (shipping) terms and conditions of the respective Carrier:

Conditions applicable to Return Shipment insured through the Returnista Platform:

In the event a Return Shipment is dispatched with insurance coverage procured through the Returnista Platform, said Return Shipment shall adhere to the conditions enumerated hereinbefore any indemnification may be disbursed to the Consumer.

  • The Return Shipment must be transmitted with a legitimate Track and Trace code, accompanied by a shipping receipt evidencing that the Return Shipment has been scanned either by a store personnel or a courier at the point of collection.
  • The Return Shipment shall be dispatched in an appropriate packaging that adheres to general shipping conditions of the respective Carrier.
  • The Return Shipment shall not encompass any prohibited items.
  • For Return Shipments comprising multiple packages, each individual package must possess a distinct Track and Trace code, and insurance must be obtained for the aggregate number of packages within the Return Shipment.
  • The insurance coverage shall not extend to Return Shipments containing leased products.
  • In instances where Return Shipments are protected by the Webshop's warranty or pertain to products that are not in a pristine condition, the prevailing value of the product shall be employed.
  • The maximum indemnification amount per insurance shall be 200 euros.