Managing Shop: Guus Brinkman from Stoov

“Be transparent about your sustainability efforts: tell the consumer what you’re doing already, where you could still improve and what you’re doing to reach them.” Guus Brinkman

1) Hey Guus! Please tell us who you are and what you do?

Hello, my name is Guus Brinkman. I work as the Head of Data & Tech at Stoov.

Two years ago, I started here as growth hacker and one of the first employees. Since then, we’ve grown a lot, to almost 20 employees.

Which means my role also changed. I’m now responsible for the Data & Tech team: we make sure the entire company gets provided with the right data, so we can make data-driven decisions.

Besides that, my team is responsible for our tech stack. We choose which tooling and systems to use so we can improve and broaden our data & tech stack.

You could say my team and I are responsible for being the voice of our customers. Based on data and customer feedback we ensure the company stays customer-centric.

2) What’s one thing that gets you really excited about the e-commerce industry right now?

I like how sustainability in e-commerce is getting increasingly important.

The mindset is changing, consumers demand and expect a certain level of sustainability and it’s becoming a bigger influence on their purchasing decisions.

Consumers are getting more knowledgable, forcing companies to be more transparent and do more than just getting a certification. Companies have to be transparent in what they’re doing for sustainability, but also in where they could still improve.

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