Return in store

Allow your customers to return in your store and manage accompanying refunds

We are thrilled to unveil a brand new feature designed to make managing your returns easier than ever - the 'Return In Store' feature!

This feature empowers your customers to pre-notify their returns online and then drop them off at your physical store. This ensures a hassle-free, streamlined process that's beneficial for both you and your customers.

Here are the top 3 benefits you can expect with our new Return In Store feature:

Efficient Returns Management: With customers pre-notifying their returns, you can better anticipate and manage incoming returns. This allows for improved inventory management and lessens the burden on your customer service team.

Boosted Customer Satisfaction: Offering an easy and convenient return process enhances customer satisfaction. By providing this seamless experience, you are likely to see improved customer loyalty and potentially, increased repeat purchases.

Reduced Logistics Costs: By enabling in-store returns, you can significantly cut down on the costs associated with courier pickups and shipments. Plus, it's an eco-friendly option that reduces your business's carbon footprint!

We encourage you to integrate this feature into your business operations and as always, we're keen to hear your feedback. Let's make returns a hassle-free experience together!


Michaela - Netherlands

Exchanging, packing and returning my stuff was so quick!


Peter - Netherlands

Everything was simple and absolutely perfect!

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